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Suicide Squad - Poster (Expendables Style) :iconsuperdude001:SuperDude001 10 0 Uncharted (Film Fancast) :iconsuperdude001:SuperDude001 2 0 The CW Justice League - Concept :iconsuperdude001:SuperDude001 15 2 ComicBookMovie.Com FAN MADE Homepage Edit :iconsuperdude001:SuperDude001 0 1 Justice League - Textless Poster :iconsuperdude001:SuperDude001 7 0 Justice League - Teaser Poster :iconsuperdude001:SuperDude001 10 0 The Weekly Planet // Movie-Style Poster :iconsuperdude001:SuperDude001 9 2 DC Trinity - 60/70s In Modern Day :iconsuperdude001:SuperDude001 9 0 J.K.Simmons As Commissioner Gordon (Concept) :iconsuperdude001:SuperDude001 9 3 What If Batman V Superman Was a Comedy? (Fancast) :iconsuperdude001:SuperDude001 3 1 DC's TV Justice League (2016) :iconsuperdude001:SuperDude001 14 8 Legends Of Tomorrow - Generation 2 Concept :iconsuperdude001:SuperDude001 26 6 What If MARVEL Made 'Man Of Steel'? :iconsuperdude001:SuperDude001 10 5 Back To The Future (Reboot/Remake Fancast) :iconsuperdude001:SuperDude001 5 3 Peter Pan (Film Fancast) :iconsuperdude001:SuperDude001 8 10 Archer (Live-Action Film Fancast) :iconsuperdude001:SuperDude001 10 4


Marvel's Daredevil ALT :iconsahinduezguen:sahinduezguen 52 0 Captain America 3 Cival War :iconmrpacinohead:MrPacinoHead 22 2 Marvel's GHOST RIDER - LOGO :iconmrsteiners:MrSteiners 52 9 The Kryptonian Alphabet. :iconcamo-flauge:Camo-Flauge 15 3 Batman the Cave Poster :iconmessypandas:MessyPandas 35 1 Looper :iconsahinduezguen:sahinduezguen 23 0 The Godfather: Part IV A :iconsahinduezguen:sahinduezguen 16 1 Captain Marvel :iconamyisalittledecoy:amyisalittledecoy 58 1 Han Solo Spin-Off Teaser :iconsahinduezguen:sahinduezguen 86 4 Upon the Watchtower :iconmessypandas:MessyPandas 56 2 007: Origins Teaser :iconsahinduezguen:sahinduezguen 12 2 Logos :icondctvu:DCTVU 15 1 IT Remake Concept :iconsahinduezguen:sahinduezguen 19 4 Justice League - Transparent :iconasthonx1:Asthonx1 31 2 Suicide Squad - Joker :icondiegoolortegui:DiegoOlortegui 727 35 Superman - Transparent :iconasthonx1:Asthonx1 36 1


Suicide Squad - Poster (Expendables Style)
While I found the latest Suicide Squad film okay, one of my largest complaints was personally it felt like a poor mash-up of Guardians of the Galaxy and The Expendables AND SO I decided to quickly whip up a poster for the Skwad inspired by The Expendables teaser poster. Enjoy!
Uncharted (Film Fancast)
SYNOPSIS: After a standard salvage job has disastrous results, former fortune hunter Nathan Drake is poisoned with a mysterious toxin and must travel the globe to find the answers (and treasures) that could save his life. Based on and a semi-sequel to the Uncharted video-game franchise.

The synopsis is not bullet-proof what I believe the story should be and neither is the inclusion all the characters I've cast, however I am using them to elaborate this pitch for an Uncharted movie that would serve as a semi-sequel to it's last addition (4: A Thief's End). It would not explicitly be a sequel and only take heavy inspiration from the current continuity. As in this film would not rehash any of the stories that have happened previously, be a completely new story, and still be new to fans of the franchise, although it would also loosely fit into the continuity that's already been explored. Hopefully then film fans are happy there's a film, while the video-game fans aren't as upset that such a cinematic game is being adapted.

I have not included a writer, director, or producer as I usually do because I feel this idea is too much of my own unique vision. However if I were to suggest any: SCREENWRITERS: Taika Waititi & Simon Pegg // DIRECTOR: Jon Favreau

Nathan 'Nate' Drake - Chris Evans
Victor 'Sully' Sullivan - Jeff Bridges
Elena Fisher - Kristen Bell
Sam Drake - Bradley Cooper
Chloe Frazer - Sofia Boutella
Charlie Cutter - Paul Anderson
Nadine Ross - Samira Wiley
[New Villain] - Joseph 'Joe' Gilgun
[New Character] - Dev Patel
The CW Justice League - Concept
Superman is now on CW's Supergirl, so figured I'd take a crack at another concept for that universes Justice League (either as a show or just a namesake grouping).
All are already established in the roles, except for the Batman I included - fancasted as Will Arnett in the 80/90s movie outfit.
ComicBookMovie.Com FAN MADE Homepage Edit
I'm a fan and user of the website, and while me and a few users were talking we came to the conclusion it could use an update of appearance. I mean no disrespect to the site or it's creators, but just figured I'd show my version of what I feel is more streamlined graphics utilized on the current layout.

I wanted to get more creative, and maybe I will with a second edition although that may seems a little insulting, but for this one I wanted to display an appearance that could be easily transferred into the current format so little coding would have to be done.
Justice League - Textless Poster
Textless version of my Justice League teaser poster, with the addition of Superman's black resurrection outfit instead of his regular costume.

With the recent updates from set visits and myself having spare time this summer, I figured I'd hope back into some fan art for the night and make a poster that includes some elements from what's been revealed of the film (e.g. logo, some touches on Batman and Flash's suits, etc). 

Several of the character images were originally taken (then modified) from . He does great transparent PNGs and some cool fan art, go check him out if you get the chance!
Some DC fans may also recognize the composition, it was originally based on the final image of the title sequence from Bruce Timm's Justice League cartoon - although that intro did not have Aquaman or Cyborg, had 7 members instead of 6, and was overly dark for something I wanted to do quickly so some adjusts were made.
My text-included poster can be found here:…

Hope you guys enjoy and let me know what you think of it!


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
I'm a human male. English. University student. Aspiring Director. I love a lot of sci-fi or comicbook related stuff.
BTW I realise SuperDude is quite a silly username, but I've had it since years and years ago and it sorta stuck once some works got popular.
Current Residence: England

If you wish to share my work please at least have a link to this DeviantArt, my name, or my tumblr.


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MZimmer1985 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2015
Thank you for adding some of my casting choices to your favorites, bro! By the way, I'd love to know your input, so you don't mind commenting on each of them, do ya?
SuperDude001 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah I will when I get a chance, just it was 4am, and tbh I don't do castings much anymore or check on CBM but I try when I get a free moment.
MZimmer1985 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2015
To me, I think it's time we get back to the way it was. It's being cluttered with nonsensical fan art, videos, and 617 stories. If fancasts from the usual suspects return, the site won't be as shitty as it was.

Besides, I got both Spider-Man and Justice League International casts that I worked hard on, and I'd like if you came back and check them out.
SuperDude001 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry taken so long to reply. With my university deadlines I haven't had much time.
Checked out those two casts, personally I think while lovely you're devoted to it I don't know if so much effort and detail has to be put into your fancast...or at least for a CBM kinda place. But idk you still seem to be attracting fans of your work, so well done! More specifically (my comments are for both casts) I really like the crew details! Actual cast I think may be a bit too thorough and filled with too many known actors for very small roles. Having said that they are very good still, lovely fan-dream, just don't know if realistically the best but idk what you really aim for. And after all, just my opinion. Various other commenters seem to have no problem with that so nevermind me lol
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alejandroysea Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014
I can use the titles of The Infinity Gauntlet and Ant-Man: Proyect Ultron?. I'll give credit.
SuperDude001 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Uh yeah sure go ahead.
thedarkinght Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Student Filmographer
Hi can you do a uncanny x-men logo it will be a big help thanks
SuperDude001 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I already did one on the image you just commented on...
thedarkinght Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Student Filmographer
No a bigger image
SuperDude001 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well sorry, the best I can suggest is just download that one full size (which is rather big if I might so some myself). I made logos a long time ago and no longer have the same software and know-how.
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